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Our B2B Service For Tourism Industry Partners

As a tourism consultancy company, there are several tasks and responsibilities we undertake :

Complete marketing report

Depending on whether you are an outbound or inbound agency, creating a comprehensive marketing report can help identify target markets, strategies, and campaign ideas to promote tourism services.

Improving organization structure

Assessing and optimizing the company's internal structure can lead to improved efficiency, better coordination, and enhanced decision-making processes.

Rebranding of logo/website/social media

Updating the company's visual identity across platforms can attract attention, modernize the brand image, and increase brand visibility. Assistance in securing Tourism awards / public relations & communications 

Education on various segments of the tourism business

Offering training and educational programs to clients like yourself to help understand different aspects of the tourism industry and make informed decisions.

Marketing and reaching out to targeted audience

Developing targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to reach potential clients and customers effectively.

Participating in global tourism and hospitality related exhibitions

Attending and showcasing services at industry-specific exhibitions and trade shows to generate leads.

Educational and school trips

Developing specialized programs and packages for educational trips, catering to schools and educational institutions.

Incentive and staff retreats

Creating customized experiences for companies, such as incentive trips and staff retreats, to increase employee morale and team building.

Group tourism

Designing and organizing itineraries and services for large tour groups, catering to their specific requirements and interests.

Special interest travelers

Tailoring experiences for travelers with specific interests like art, history, food, or adventure.

Individual traveler

Personalizing trips and itineraries based on the preferences and requirements of individual travelers.

Virtual reality tourism

Personalizing trips and itineraries based on the preferences and requirements of individual travelers.

Volunteer tourism

Developing volunteering programs and opportunities for travelers interested in making a difference in the destinations they visit.

Industrial tourism

Designing tours and packages that showcase industries, factories, and manufacturing processes, providing unique insights to interested tourists.

Sports tourism

Creating packages and experiences around sports events, tournaments, or sports-themed destinations.

Event management

Assisting in planning and organizing tourism-related events, such as conferences, festivals, or exhibitions.

Adventure tourism

Offering adventure-based activities and experiences like trekking, water sports, or wildlife safaris.

Training and team-building tourism

Organizing team-building activities or training sessions for companies, combining tourism with professional development.

Sustainable tourism

Promoting and facilitating sustainable tourism practices to protect the environment and support local communities.

Cost-cutting measures/increasing profitability

Evaluating business operations to identify areas for cost reduction and implementing strategies to boost profitability.

Growing targeted clients with B2B and B2C approaches and methods

Focusing on acquiring new business clients and individual customers through effective marketing and sales techniques.

Email blasting to clients

Implementing email marketing campaigns to communicate offers, updates, and promotions to clients in a targeted manner.

Flyer preparation and handling replies

Designing informational flyers and effectively responding to client inquiries and requests.

Crisis management

Developing strategies and protocols to handle various unexpected situations like injuries, political unrest, or natural disasters to ensure client safety and satisfaction.

Conflict resolution and complaint handling

Establishing procedures for effectively resolving conflicts and addressing customer complaints to maintain a positive reputation.

Customer value-add handling

Identifying opportunities to provide additional value to customers, such as personalized recommendations, special offers, or exclusive experiences.

Website content preparation

Creating engaging and informative content for the company's website to attract and inform potential clients.

Our global representative office

Travelbyraj has representative offices located in Singapore, Dubai, and London. This global presence allows them to effectively brand themselves and effectively serve their B2B clients. Being in the same time zone as their clients ensures prompt responses and effective communication. By physically meeting their clients, Travelbyraj builds strong relationships and trust. They strive to understand the needs and preferences of their B2B audience and provide customized solutions. Travelbyraj offers unparalleled global branding and accessibility to B2B clients.

Special membership programs

Travelbyraj offers special membership programs to their clients as a way to build strong relationships and show appreciation. These programs include personalized gift boxes, additional price reductions, and a free trip once a year for businesses that perform well. They also organize special group meetings, virtual or physical, to connect with clients and send birthday cards to make them feel special. Clients will receive a special membership card with exclusive privileges. Contact us for more information

Mystery audits

Travelbyraj offers mystery audits specifically for travel agencies and hotels. These audits focus on assessing areas such as staff conduct, customer service, ethics and integrity, and staff sincerity. They evaluate if staff and drivers are representing the brand properly, assess communication skills and professionalism, investigate if staff are collecting commissions for recommending certain operators, and evaluate the sincerity of staff members. By conducting these mystery audits and providing detailed reports, Travelbyraj helps businesses identify areas of improvement and ensure that their financials are not negatively impacted.

Standard operating procedures

The text outlines the importance of having a clear Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for travel agency staff. The SOP should include staff training, standardized training, work process management, and quotation checks. It is also important to support staff with necessary resources and opportunities for growth.

Speakers for tourism events

Our website offers highly knowledgeable and experienced speakers for tourism events. Our CEO, Rajkumar, has 40 years of expertise in the industry and can speak on various topics related to tourism. We specialize in sustainability, the future of the tourism industry, VR and AR marketing in tourism, and unique marketing methods. To ensure smooth coordination, we request prior notice and a proper invitation. We also have the ability to host or moderate events programs, including those featuring beauty queens. Contact us for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.